Calling All Catholics!

Calling All Catholics to Collaborate with Conclave Cardinals through prayer and fasting! Call down “lightening bolts” of grace on the Vatican, the Cardinals and the entire Conclave! Don’t settle for spectator status. This is the Year of Faith! Jump in! Move those Mountains! Pray up a tsunami of grace to usher in a pope who will lead us into the New Evangelization to take the world by storm with love, love, love!

I have a profound sense that the Lord, particularly through Pope Benedict’s request for prayers yesterday, is calling us to pray for the extraordinary events unfolding in Rome right now. The Lord is inviting us into the very heart of the action and I believe He wants us to know how profoundly our prayers will influence the results of the conclave and the decision of the cardinals. If we take this seriously I believe we will be amazed! The key, right now, is to pray for Pope Benedict and the next pope. Why not pray a novena for Pope Benedict until February 28th, and then pray several novenas for the next pope (including the cardinals and the conclave) until the white smoke rises from the Vatican?

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