Pray for Pope Benedict/Next Pope


We are the Body of Christ. Our prayers, actions, words, sacrifices and suffering united with Christ, our Head, make a difference. A HUGE difference. Make all the difference. Since Pope Benedict’s resignation I have a growing sense of urgency. I sense that we are moving into a time when it is crucial for the little people (all of us:), the ordinary folks (all of us:) to rise up and take our rightful place as members of the Body of Christ. It is time for us to step into our respective roles (unique and unrepeatable) in the Father’s plan of mercy for this suffering world, most especially the children. Another way of putting it is that it’s time for the “Sleeping Giant” to wake up! A critical step right now is to become an active part of what’s going on in Rome by praying and offering little sacrifices for Pope Benedict and the next pope. I will be speaking about this today on Radio Maria with Fr. Peter Ryan, SJ and I have invited Fr. Robert Gendreau to speak about Pope Benedict. We will also pray a decade of the Rosary for this intention. Please join us, and call in and contribute your thoughts and insights. Online today: 4pm CT/ 5pm EST/(after today it will be available in the archives)

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