Our Lady of Littleness

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The title of Our Lady of Littleness is best explained in the prayer and image on the holy card. In her lowliness, Our Lady draws the Holy Spirit, and she desires the same for us as we receive Jesus in the little ones. In the image, the dove represents the Holy Spirit. Our Lady is gazing upon wildflowers – representing the little ones – safely nestled in the folds of her mantle. The little ones also form her crown.

Our Lady’s Way of Littleness is the antidote for youth and people of all ages facing the challenge of these difficult times. Jesus means it when He tells us that unless we become like little children we will never enter the Kingdom of heaven, and that anyone who welcomes a little child in His name, welcomes Him. (Mt. 18:3 and Mk. 9:37). Our Lady of Littleness helps us receive the little ones who Jesus sends – in a way that draws the Holy Spirit and helps us become little – to prepare us for heaven and to draw heaven to earth. (Mt. 18:3)

Our Lady of Littleness Rosary CD’s incorporate meditations on the mysteries composed and recited by little ones, who also sing the Rosary with Janis Clarke.

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