Archbishop Lépine

Our Lady of Littleness with Archbishop Lepine (2)Most Reverend Christian Lépine, Archbishop of Montreal granted the imprimatur for the title, prayer and image on the holy card of Our Lady of Littleness on January 6, 2018 — Little Christmas and the feast day of little St. André! Archbishop Lépine’s unwavering support for the unborn, the elderly and all those in the cross-hairs of the culture of death has been a tremendous inspiration and encouragement to me. What a joy to see him at the March for Life in Ottawa. He graciously came forward for a picture and offered his blessing. He has been very encouraging of our humble Eucharist for Life Family Mission through the years. What wonderful bishop, in need of our prayers. “Our Lady of Littleness, pray for  Archbishop Lépine!”

Holy Spirit Rosary Patrol

RP April 11, 2019Imagine walking into a schoolyard holding high a crucifix, with Rosaries dangling from your arms as kids coming running and crying out, “Can I carry the Cross?” Yes, they actually come running. And they plead for their turn to carry the Cross. As a matter of fact, the last week of school I decided we would stay in a circle and pray the Rosary during recess, but as the children gathered they insisted on marching. I love to carry the Cross as I walk through the school and pray for the students, smiling at them as we pass each other in the hallways. One student stopped me and asked why I carry the Cross everywhere I go. (I smiled as I imagined him picturing me walking through Safeway with the Cross.) I told him it is because I love Jesus and want all the students to know how much He loves them. Up to that point I had no idea what the students were thinking of me walking around with a big crucifix. His response stunned me. “Miss Clarke, I think you have move faith than anyone else in this school.” What amazed me most was how this simple act of carrying the Cross through the hallways and schoolyard impacted this young man. I am so little and my faith, so weak. But what a powerful confirmation of the need to step out in faith and lift high the Cross, literally!

Canadian March for Life 2019

Our Lady of Littleness on Parliament Hill!

Pray big, stay small, help the littlest of all!

Our Lady of Littleness on Parliament Hill for the March for Life 2019!                                                                                                                       

What a joy it was to march and pray the Rosary with members of Eucharist for Life Family Mission and Our Lady of Littleness on behalf of all the little ones this past May. Eucharist for Life Family Mission, founded in Montreal in 2006-7 has been meeting monthly for over 12 years praying the Rosary and worshiping Christ in His Eucharistic Presence for Priests and the unborn.  It has been such a joy to watch these children grow in faith, and love for the Lord and others. They are so quick to pray at the drop of a hat for those in need. Little ones are so filled with goodness and light.