Evangelizing with Our Lady in DC!


As Darkness Closes in..
All Hands on Deck for the New Evangelization
Be Creative! Be Brave! Give God Permission to Use You!
We went back to DC today to share the Good News in the streets. At first it was really difficult. And no one wanted a rosary. The place felt cold and unfriendly. I wanted to run away. Then something amazing happened. As we approached a homeless man in Dupont Circle, my friend Brian said, “This guy will respond…., he is one of God’s little ones.” The man greeted us with a big, beautiful smile and welcomed us. “Of course I’ll take a rosary!” As we talked with him, I felt a heaviness lift as joy filled my heart. Then I noticed the song blasting from his CD player: “People Get Ready!” After that, everything turned around. People responded with warmth, and many were eager to receive rosaries.
God has something incredibly beautiful for each one of us to contribute to the Year of Faith and the New Evangelization! He waits for our tiny “yes”, our humble efforts, and our few loaves and fishes. Then He moves in and does something fantastic and mysterious through us that blesses the whole world. So beautiful!
Watch Video and Share:  http://youtu.be/Pcr053hfY-k


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