New Rosary Website Launch

Dear Rosary Mission Community!

The new Rosary Mission site is finally launched, thanks to the wonderful work of web designer Andrew Fogarty.  Hasn’t he done a fantastic job? The homepage video was produced by Joel Looyis from St. Luke’s parish in Calgary, another incredibly talented, generous, and hard-working young student! I met him during a Rosary Mission there, and he offered to produce this video during my visit to St. Albert’s several months later. I had been praying for a web designer and a video producer to help with the mission, and the Lord came through in the most wonderful and surprising way. He sure does provide!

The purpose of this blog is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through the Rosary, by providing a very interactive website, with blog reports, photos on Flickr, videos on Youtube, Tweets on Twitter, and news on our Facebook page. This use of  social media,  encouraged by our most recent popes,  will also provide opportunities for you to offer feedback and share your own stories!

Please spread the word!  Send the website to all your friends, to everyone you know! Let’s build momentum for a rosary revival that will shine the light of Jesus Christ all over the world, particularly among the youth!

Finally, please become a Rosary Mission Prayer Partner! Look for the button on the website.

Praying for you!

In Jesus, through Mary,


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