Parish Missions

Janis Speaking at a Parish VisistScriptural Rosary Hour

During a parish visit Janis leads a Scriptural Rosary Mission where parishioners are invited to encounter Jesus in a deeply personal way and grow in their understanding of the basic Gospel message in the school of Mary. This unique approach to the rosary includes the scriptures, meditations, solos, congregational singing, and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

 The Rosary Mission offers:

  1. A chance to grow in living knowledge of Christ through prayerful contemplation of the basic Gospel message in the mysteries of the rosary. This experiential knowledge of Christ and his teachings is essential to mature faith and evangelization that bears fruit.
  2. Life-changing immersion in the Word of God accompanied by Mary, model of faith and first believer.
  3. A teaching on how to step right into the mysteries of Jesus’ life and talk with him.
  4. The Word of God wrapped in beautiful solos and congregational singing.
  5. A participatory event where families, individuals and different groups from the parish lead the Rosary prayers.
  6. An excellent preparation for the sacrament of confession and individual prayers for healing.
  7. A time of fellowship after the Rosary, and a wonderful chance to share what the Lord has done.

For more information on the Scriptural Rosary Hour, contact us.

The Father loves you!Three-Day Rosary Mission

The three-day Rosary Mission is introduced during the weekend Masses and involves three evening events that offer a more in-depth journey into the mysteries in the life of Christ through Mary. The first evening combines stories, testimonies, a teaching, solos and congregational singing to stir up faith and help prepare parishioners for the Scriptural Rosary on evening two. The second evening is reserved for the Scriptural Rosary followed by confession and prayers for healing. The first two evenings prepare parishioners to enter more deeply into the celebration of the Eucharist, the height of the mission on evening three. Janis sings during the closing Mass and shares a sending forth message after Communion to inspire and equip parishioners to incorporate prayer and evangelization into their daily lives.

Rosary Mission Eucharistic Adoration