Mission England


 I am just back from England where I had my own “marathon” of sorts in the form of a mission! Highlights included: training youth for street evangelization and then actually doing it; inviting parishioners representing countries from around the world to pray, in their native tongue, for their country of origin, for England and for all nations; singing William Blake’s “Jerusalem”, for Brits in their native land; praying with people of many different nationalities for healing and peace; singing in parishes and meeting so many beautiful people; meeting the awesome Keralite community that is re-evangelizing England! We cannot forget that the Church exists in order to evangelize; to lead all people to Christ, the Savior of the world. And each one of us has a part to play in this great mission of mercy.

Rosary Mission


This Quebec group is a Rosary Mission
within Eucharist for Life Children’s Mission,
whose mandateis to pray for priests and the unborn. I am so proud of this group, standing here, in the rain, praying for the unborn on the closing day of 40 Days for LifeRosary Mission’s next Parish Visit will be in Celebration, Florida, at Corpus Christi Parish, culminating in a Rosary Hour on Monday evening (April 30th) and a School Visit on Tuesday . Please come to the Rosary Hour on Monday if you live in the area, and please pray for the School Visit!  Please pray for the mission, and share it with your friends!