Pray for Teresa and the Cardinals

Anthony and Catherine have asked us to include in our rosary intentions their 6 year old daughter, Teresa, who has a tumor. It is deeply moving to see how, as they unite their sufferings with Jesus on the Cross, their anguished prayer for Teresa reaches out to embrace all suffering children and their parents. And the Lord is hearing their prayer. The tumor is shrinking. Let’s join our prayers with theirs during this Year of Faith for Teresa’s complete healing.

And let’s increase our prayers for the cardinals in Rome as they begin their pre-conclave meetings today. Let’s picture them gathered with Mary as the apostles were gathered with her in the Upper Room. Let’s pray that, like Mary, they yield so completely to the Holy Spirit that they are filled beyond their hopes and dreams with a new joy, hope, faith, love, humility, zeal, courage, wisdom, discernment, and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the whole Church in these difficult times! Brothers and sisters, do you believe that our humble prayers as members of the Body of Christ can move mountains? Really big mountains?

Our Lady Opens Doors in DC

Friends have been wondering if I am standing on street corners in DC with a bullhorn shouting “Repent and believe the Gospel!” In actual fact, I simply approach people and ask them if they would like a Rosary to pray for “peace in the streets of DC and an end to violence”. The words alone bring a smile to people’s faces, and if they want more, we share the Good News of the Gospel. If they want more, we pray with them. We are very gentle and respectful. My streetwise friend, “Brian from the Bronx” suggested the Rosary approach. And it’s amazing how the Blessed Mother opens the door and makes it easy to evangelize. So many people are lonely, frightened, sad or just totally stressed out. The Church is called to reach out to everyone. And we are the Church! I cannot express in words the joy this ministry brings to my heart. The city turns from black and white to technicolor when walking the streets singing and sharing the Good News of the Gospel! Here is a photo of Brian with Abbot Eden, a wise and holy Benedictine priest who prays for us. Brian will share his amazing conversion story this Sunday at 5pm EST, 4pm CT on